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About Spokane Integrative Medical

We established Spokane Integrative Medical in 2000. We selected our Spokane office for several reasons. The location offered patients convenient access and parking, there was a great need for services in the area, and it was in close proximity to hospitals and other referral services. Twelve years later we are still so proud to be serving the Spokane area residents.

Your One Stop Wellness Center

We are more than just a chiropractor in Spokane, we are a “One Stop Wellness Center.” In addition to offering state of the art spinal chiropractic care we also provide primary care and specialized medical management of cancer, heart disease, allergy, women’s medicine, and more!

We spend quality time assessing each individual to provide a personalized approach to health care. Each person develops health challenges differently and therefore needs an individualized approach. Once each person’s wellness potential is understood an effective management approach can be developed.

Our Chiropractic and Health Care Mission

As a Spokane WA chiropractor it is our goal to provide the highest quality chiropractic and medical care to as many people as is possible. We want to educate them as to their health potential so they may learn and continue to educate themselves and educate others.

“It is my belief that the highest results can be achieved through the partnership of the doctor and patient. Almost any health condition can be made better with an understanding of the obstacles to cure and a strategy that is appropriately followed by both doctor and patient,” says Dr. Whitney.

Services Offered at Spokane Integrative Medical

  • Chiropractic spinal and extremity rehab
  • Primary care medicine for all ages
  • Cancer treatment and therapy
  • IV therapy for cancer, heart disease, metal detox, infections
  • Cold laser therapy for musculoskeletal injury, allergy desensitization
  • Chronic illness functional medicine model
  • Weight loss with ideal protein
  • Allergy diagnosis and treatment
  • Type 1&2 diabetes management
  • Women’s medicine

Call our Spokane chiropractic office and request an appointment today to take the first step to better health.

Spokane Integrative Medical | (509) 465-5767

Providing a one stop wellness center to the Spokane, Valley and Colville communities.

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