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Allergy & Environmental Medicine in Spokane

In the toxic environment of today immune systems suffer. Allergy to the particulate in air and water, food contaminates and adulteration, stress, overuse of medicines such as antibiotics, corticosteroids, and acid reflux medicine causes allergy.

Leaky gut (intestinal permeability) dysbiosis ( altered microbes in the gut, lung, nasopharyngeal, and blood brain barrier), cause increased th2 immunity which gives us symptoms of allergy. The imbalanced immunity that allergic symptoms come from, also deplete the immunity which surveils against bacterial and viral infections as well as cancer cells. The result is recurrent infections and increased risk for environmental cancers. As you might imagine, we have long term concerns with the allergic patient.

Evaluation of allergy begins with a food diary and environment questionnaire. Lab testing may include Serum IGG/IGE//IGA, skin testing, and NAET muscle testing. Treatment for allergy includes NAET cold laser desensitization, Sub-lingual Immuno Therapy, (SLIT), elimination diets, leaky gut meds, dysbiosis meds, and environmental neutralization.

The allergic patient has usually been seen by many with few long term results. We offer a reasonable solution set with a personalized approach to each individual patient.

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