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Autism Care in Spokane, WA

Autism spectrum disorder now affects nearly one in one hundred births. The cause remains unknown. The American Academy of Pediatrics has denied vaccination as a cause or factor in those children afflicted. However, many parents claim a history of “not the same since” vaccination.

Autism is treatable

Autism treatment for your children

It is likely that vaccines in some cases precipitate the onset of autism although definitive proof is illusive. Environmental factors like methylation defects, antibiotic use, intestinal permeability, dysbiosis, and immune dysfunction are implicated. As such, autism is treatable.

Biomedical interventions have been proposed and developed by the Defeat Autism Now Foundation from which Dr. Whitney has received training and is registered as a DAN doctor. He has been successfully treating children on the autism spectrum for the past twelve years.

A biomedical approach to autism spectrum disorder includes testing and varied treatment strategies particular to each child’s test results. The initial work up includes a thorough medical history, review of medical records, physical exam, referrals as indicated, and treatment planning.

We offer in office hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric medicine has been shown effective for treatment of children on the spectrum. Increased pressures in the chamber improve brain circulation, increased mitochondrial function, and improved white matter function. It is well tolerated by most children and cost effective.

NAET : Allergy Elimination Technique

A recent study provided data that NAET allergy elimination technique enabled 26% of treated children to return to mainstream classroom settings. This cold laser technique is both non invasive and effective in many children. Most insurance is accepted for office visits.

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