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Cancer Care in Spokane, WA

Dr. Whitney is the only Board Certified Naturopathic Oncologist in Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  He is qualified  to treat  any cancer in conjunction with conventional medical, radiation, and surgical oncology. He integrates with most oncology groups in the Spokane area and as such will work closely with your oncology team.

Naturopathic Oncology has two goals

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The first goal is to improve quality of life. Second is to extend life. When conventional Medical and/or Radiation oncologists work with Naturopathic Oncologists, side effects of treatments are minimized and conventional treatments are maximized. In several studies, working together not only helps patients tolerate conventional treatments better but may significantly extend life.

You may have heard that one supplement or another is a “magical” cure for cancer. Although all medicines are not created equal, there is no magic bullet treating cancer. It takes many biological errors to make a cancer evade the immune system, grow, and spread. A qualified Naturopathic Oncologist can help guide choices and make recommendations that have a proven track record to be both safe and effective. Especially during conventional treatment, these natural choices must help not hurt medical, radiation, or surgical oncology.

Dr. Whitney may recommend interventions like, smoking cessation, stress reduction, Intravenous Therapies, weight loss, plant based therapies, exercise regimens, vitamins,minerals, hormones, conventional and naturopathic pharmacy.

You may have wondered…”What more can I do?”

Learn more about some of the terms below:

Naturopathic Oncologist: A Naturopathic physician specialized in cancer care that works on your provider team to treat cancer as well as the person that has it. Teaming with medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, Naturopathic Oncologists help provide the state of the art in integrative cancer medicine. This team doctor provides strategies of diet, exercise, orthomolecular, and non- traditional drug treatment options in cancer care. Safe integration of natural therapies are provided in close consultation with other cancer specialists on your Providence Cancer team.

Philosophy: Your Naturopathic Oncologist offers personalized, scientific, innovative, natural cancer care. Naturopathic Oncologists are experts in the field of natural cancer strategies. Our primary focus is on the person that has the disease not the disease itself. This wholistic approach offers the broadest possible treatment strategies for your individual situation. Medicines used in conjunction with medical, surgical, and radiation oncology may improve both improve the quality of your life as well as extend it.

Treatment options: Many treatments can be offered to safely decrease side effects of conventional medical, surgical and radiation oncology as well as augment medical therapies. These may include spiritual, dietary, movement, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, acupuncture, massage therapy, oriental medicines, detoxification, IV therapies, and many others. Rebuilding your system to strengthen you and prevent recurrence after chemotherapy and radiation treatments are key to improved outcomes.

Personal Involvement: We encourage the person that has developed cancer to engage the fight directly and completely. The resulting empowerment has been shown to improve therapies of all kinds. By making the best choices in medical, surgical, radiation, natural medicines,and lifestyle interventions, the best outcomes may be possible.

Natural medicines, Vitamins and Minerals: Many patients diagnosed with cancer run to the Internet for advice or are offered a best cure from a relative. Your Naturopathic Oncologist is an expert in fielding questions in this arena. Many Internet magic bullets are ineffective, add cost, and are dangerous to use in conjunction with medical and radiation oncology. Some are both safe and effective. Over 80% of those diagnosed with cancer turn to natural medicines without consultation with their medical cancer care team. Asking your Naturopathic Oncologist is the safest and most effective way thru the challenges of cancer treatment and beyond.

Your Naturopathic Oncologist

Dr Michael Whitney ND FABNO is a board certified Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. As a Naturopathic Oncologist, He is qualified to treat any diagnosed cancer in conjunction with your medical, surgical, and/or radiation oncologist. He also works with palliative medicine to decrease dependence on narcotic medicines and improve quality of life. He is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a past adjunct faculty in treatment strategies for patients with cancer. He has published research on high altitude mountain sickness, Mt Everest, 1998, and is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam Conflict. His primary focus is to bring personalized approaches to patients engaged in their battle with cancer and to restore health and vitality.

Please contact Spokane Integrative Medical Center for an initial consultation. Send all medical records from oncology and primary care prior to your arrival. Download necessary forms from this website and have them completed prior to your scheduled time with the doctor.

We look forward to helping you find your way ahead! We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Our Spokane Naturopathic  oncology team is happy to help!

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