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Primary Care Medicine for Spokane

Dr. Michael Whitney is licensed in the state of Washington as a primary care physician. As such, any common medical complaint can be treated by him and he will make any necessary referrals for labs, imaging, and/or medical specialty. Of course, He strives to offer the most complete natural medical care possible but also prescribes most common medicines from the pharmacy. He can mange most medicines that you have been prescribed.

Patients of the clinic seen for primary care medicine present for most all common medical conditions. Wellness medicine and achieving health potential is considered in every patient. A routine first appointment with the doctor runs 1-1/2 hrs for a thorough medical history and examination. Follow up appointments run 20-45 minutes. Insurance coverage is accepted from most carriers. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to determine their coverage limits.

We attempt to run a “no waiting ” office so arrival prior to your appointment is necessary to eliminate waiting.

Please have all paperwork completed and records in your possession prior to arrival at your appointed time.

As Dr. Whitney is interested in finding the cause of your medical condition, please bring everything relevant to your appointment. Lastly, lifestyle choices are important so please bring your willingness to make lifestyle choices.

Our Spokane chiropractic team is happy to field phone calls to answer any question not answered here.

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